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Audio Systems Setup

With the increased complexity and capability of today’s top home theater processors, a dealer with real expertise in audio matters even more. The only way to get the very best performance out of the top processors of today is to go past where the internal, automated room correction programs end, and “edit” the curve, delays, and equalization of levels. The difference that the final tuning makes is significant, and generally not achieved by many dealers without a historical background of selling performance audio.

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Custom Design

Using one button, your lights dim, shades close, the flat-screen TV turns on and you relax as your favorite movie begins. Listen to jazz CDs while you read in the den, the kids play video games in the media room, and your spouse listens to the radio on the terrace. Control your music from any room in the home – there’s no need to walk to the stereo to choose a component, select CDs, change tracks or adjust volume. You can control security cameras and watch what’s going on around the house – even see and control your entire music collection  on your iPad.

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Home Theatre 

Audio Designs expertise really shines through when designing and specifying Home Theaters. These rooms are a combination of understanding both the equipment and the room acoustics. Decades of high-performance audio experience leave our Home Theater installers uniquely qualified to guide you to the best possible decisions when designing your Home Theater.

Custom Design
Home Thetre
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